Hey everyone

Hey everyone, I'll write this in English because I'd want my blog to be readable for international visitors. I tried to also translate my posts in Chinese and Japanese but the log changed it to numbers so it's not readable anymore (sorry), I'm actually Dutch but I'm very good at learning and speaking languages. I've been learning English since the age of 10 but before I also used to listen to English songs and watch English/American movies with subtitles.  I learned french when I first went to Secondary school but I've only learned it for two years because my fellow classmates didn't want to continue learning it in the next years because they found it too hard. Excusez-vous, j'aime la Francais ;-)

I would like to continue learning French in the future and continue where I left. I would also like to learn Spanish because I think that's a new international language as well also in Latin America. Along with English, French and Dutch I'm learning and speaking German because I live near the German borders. I'm very good at it because my father works in Germany and I love German food and German people in general, most of you are really cool and nice and I don't care what the history was, you can't judge people on what their ancestors did. I have one German friend and he's so sweet. (we're not dating though, he once was in love with me but got over it, fortunately).

I went to London last April with my school and it was AMAZING! I absolutely love England and English people (allthough they're mostly very busy, haha). The hospitality there was very good although the hotel wasn't that nice. The beds weren't that comfortable and the shower was so filthy :-( I loved being in our bus sight-seeing a bit. We saw Big Ben, London Eye and many business buildings. Unfortunately we didn't see Buckingham palace so I'd like to go back once to visit that too and go shopping again because OMG Regent Street and Oxford street and definitely Covent Garden we're so amazing! Also want to go to Brighton than and maybe some other cities/villages. We went there by train (under the sea) and I found it really scary but luckily we arrived home anyway. I was frightened to have a sailors death haha, we would drown or something. I love you all English people.

 Also been to Disneyland Resort Paris when I was 9, but that's already a long time ago. I'd love to go to Paris one day but my dad hates France. Excuse-moi j'aime la France <3

I've been to Germany many times. I live near Nordrein-Westfalen and been shopping in Aachen and Herzogenrath. Also I'm going to the One Direction Where We Are stadium tour concert  in the Esprit Arena in Duesseldorf and I'm really looking forward to it. I love Midnight Memories by the way (except Alive and Little Black Dress). If you love 1D to, cheers to you!!! <3 We're 1D family! 

I'm sorry this was supposed to be a welcome post but I guess now you learned a bit more about me, haha. Enjoy my blog posts.



Midnight Memories

Hey everyone,

so yesterday I already told you that I got Midnight Memories in my mail. I was listening to it while posting my last blog and it is amazing! First I like that Niall and Louis now have many solo's too. They didn't have many solo's at Up All Night and a few more on Take Me Home but I love it. Second I like that they've all wrote at least one song and I'm so proud of them. I told you in my past two blogs that I didn't really liked Little Black Dress and Alive but I didn't even notice I was trying to sing along yesterday so I guess I actually do like them though I think some lyrics are about *** but whatever, I like the album....like? I meant love there ;-) Now let me give you a quick review of all the songs on the album.

Best Song Ever: Best Song Ever is literally the best song ever. It's good for any party from proms to regular houseparties and from receptions to schooldances.  The lyrics aren't that hard to learn and the video is amazing! I like how Zayn looks as a woman, he's still so pretty as Veronica. Also I think Niall is going to look exactly like Harvey when he's about 50 (except his stomach maybe, I wouldn't want him to get obese. I know he won't tho he loves eating just like me <3) Jonny has a bit too much arm hair but Louis is so good at acting! And my favourite bit ofcourse is: ''And Liam you stay exactly where you are because you are PER-FECT''. I laughed so hard when I first saw it. Amazing.

Story Of My Life: So Story Of My Life is a bit folkrock and I first thought maybe Mumford and Sons wrote it for them but luckily they haven't. I don't like Mumford and Songs that much also because they insulted 1D at an awardshow. I think it's about a breakup and the boy wants to get the girl back and he promises her he'll be better this time but the girl probably doesn't want him back anymore so he's depressed. I love to sing along to SOML because it's so lovely. The melody is also very cool and the lyrics aren't that hard to learn too. I think the SOML video is their best video yet along with BSE. I love the bit when Zayn hugs his sister but can anyone tell me which sister it is? I think it's Waliyha (is that how you write her name? I'm so sorry if it's not) or Safaa. Also love the bit with Louis and his grandparents. So cute. 

Diana: So I heard Diana is dedicated to the Directioners because 1D heard that a lot of girls cut themselves and 1D has ''saved their life'' as they quote when they meet the lads. I really like this song because it really touches my soul. It makes me wanna cry because it's so beautiful and emotional. I definitely think this should be their next video. 

Midnight Memories: At first I found it a bit too rocky but it really is a great song. I love the chorus best because it's easy to sing along and it's such a cool melody and rhythm. Also like the riff between the lines of each verse and the ''oh oh oh oh oh oh'' bit between ''Midnight Memories''. I hope you know what I mean. Love it! <3

You & I: This is one of my favourite tracks on the album. I love it because it really is so inspiring and emotional but also it makes me feel more confident about myself. I know it's supposed to be a love song but they're right about that you don't want to be like everybody else. Wouldn't our world be boring without underdogs, misfits and outcasts? 

Don't Forget Where You Belong: I think this is my favourite One Direction song yet. It's about being who you are and not forgetting it and never forgetting where you belong even though you're so rich or so famous. This song also proves that they haven't changed one bit. Yes, they're 3 years older now  and yes they've grown up but they're still the same lads. They stay grounded no matter how much they earn. They really do all this for their fans and families and I think that's amazing. This song gives me more confidence too because I tend to think I'm ugly and everybody hates me but after all I realise I'm not that ugly, I might not be the prettiest of all but I'm okay. 

Strong: I love this song, really. I love to sing along with it because it's just so good. The lyrics are really easy though I don't know all the verses yet. I love the rhythm and melody as well and Harry's voice is so beautiful in this. This really is Harry's song. 

Happily: This song is such amazing. I've been through a break up few weeks ago and everyone was telling me lies about my ex and saying he didn't really love me and he was fake and stuff. It made me feel really sad and angry. Why would people judge you on someone you love(d)? We broke up because he had to move and I knew he's really handsome, I couldn't handle the fact that others might fall in love with him but I know one day I'll find a boy that loves me even more. A boy with a heart. I don't care all that much about the outside, I want a sweetheart. Someone to who the words ''I love you'' still have a meaning. That's what this song is about.

Right Now: So I think this song is about either a break up or a long distance relationship but I think it's a little bit of both because I think it's about Zayn and Perrie. They hardly ever see eachother, like he once said in an interview. Zerrie is one of my OTP's. I think Perrie is a really nice girl, from what I know. I like some Little Mix songs too though I'm not a Mixer but I support their relationship. As long as our lads are happy I am too. In my opinion you're not a real fan if you don't support their relationships. It's their choice, and their hearts. 

Little Black Dress: I hated this song at first but now I'm starting to love it.  I think it's just a regular song about going out to a party and there's a girl with her ''little black dress'' a quote by Coco Chanel ''Every woman needs a little black dress''. 

Through The Dark: I think this song is about a girl who's feeling a bit down and there's this boy that wants to help her get through ''the dark'' so she can be happy with him instead of all the pain she's been going through and I really love it. This song reminds me of me being bullied in the past and it reminds me to stay strong. 

Something Great: I think this song is something great. I don't have any words to describe it but the feels I get with this song are so strong. I think it's about someone trying to get back togheter with their ex though.

Little White Lies: This song seems to be about (you know). But I don't know for sure, might be something else instead. I don't even care though, it's a great song never mind what it's about. I love the way they ''build'' the verse and the lyrics. They're so different yet it fits perfectly togheter. I love to dance to this song in my room though I haven't got the Moves Like Jaggar ;-)

Better Than Words: This song almost made me cry. It's so good. I can't describe it, really but it's Better Than Words ;-)

Why Don't We Go There: I think this song is about really escaping the ''real'' world with your lover and just driving away and spending time with eachother. Think this might be about Elounor, Lophia and Zerrie. Love it to bits! 

Does He Know: This really is the best song on the album along with DFWYB. It's so danceable and easy to sing along and it's such a cool song also for prom or a party or something. I think anyone could relate to it though I only have one ex so I can't yet. But you can't hurry love so......

Alive: I think this song really is about living for the moment as Louis quotes frequently.  

Half A Heart: This song is so sweet. Really can't describe it but I love listening to it. It makes me feel so happy. 

So I hoped you guys liked my blog today. It's Sinterklaas in Holland (a national traditional holiday), I'm sure you heard about it because there's so much trouble around the world with our ''Zwarte Piet'' because people say it's racist. I think that's ridiculous  because if so you could also say Santa is discriminating for people with obese and his reindeer are animal cruelty. Anyway that's all for today folks!

See you tomorrow,



Union J

Hey everyone, so my blog today is about British boyband Union J. As we all know they became third in the ninth series of X-factor in 2012. Three friends James ''Jaymi'' Hensley,  Jamie ''JJ'' ''Jockey Jamie'' Hamblett and Joshua ''Josh'' Cuthbert auditioned as Triple J and solo-artist George Shelley auditioned with a very special edition of Toxic by Britney Spears. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see that live on TV because I'm dutch and I don't know whether it's on the BBC or another channel because we only have BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4 & BBC World. So last June I was watching a youtube video and saw a video next to it called ''Union J-Carry You'' and I remember a famous dutch girlmagazine (Hitkrant or in english ''Hit Newspaper'' sounds better in dutch doesn't it?) wrote an article about them in their mag. 

I remember that at the moment of reading that I didn't look up their music because I always forgot so when I was reminded of that I clicked the video and immediately fell in love. They're all so handsome and their music is SO GOOD! So I watched loads of interviews with them and clips of the X-factor to get to know them a bit more. (Well not in person, I guess that will never happen unfortunately). I found out Jaymi is gay and is now dating Olly Marmon for four years already. Cheers to Jolly my new One True Pair. I respect gay people as much as I respect my straight friends, it's about WHO you are not WHAT you are.

Also I really like the fact that JJ is going to be a father. It's so cute. I think his baby will be extremely beautiful because so is his girlfriend Cat. Unfortunately I read Josh was taken but later I read that he was single again so now I'm a bit confused: is he single or not? Anyways, I loved George the most because he's so cute and he likes cuddling and he's so innocent. He's definitely the defenition for ''boyfriend'', at least my vision of the perfect boyfriend. I don't know him in person but from what I know he's really sweet just like the others. I think Jaymi would be the real friend that is always there for you, like a BMF (Best Mate Forever, yes boys can have that too) JJ is like the serious one, Josh is the funny one and George is the youngest and cute one.

I like how the album contains pop as well as a bit poprock and dancepop. There's a song for everyone but my personal favourites are Beethoven, Head In The Clouds, Amaze Me and Where Are You Now. Head In The Clouds is SO ME! OMG it really describes my personality. Especially Josh's and JJ's part:

Well call me crazy, call me lazy, maybe you can even call me ignorant. Here's a tissue for your issue I don't care right now if it's on CNN. 

I got a lot to deal with, I'd rather just be chillin' it's how I'm feeling. Maybe I can worry 'bout it all tomorrow I just won't today. 

AMAZING! I really hope they are planning to come to Holland or Germany one time as well because I think that if they continue being so good they could be worldfamous. Countries like France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany etcetera don't seem that hard to breakthrough, it's America that's the hardest to breakthrough. I'm a Directioner as well but I'm not comparing them to eachother because I love them both equally. They aren't the same! One Direction is now more poprock while Union J is a mix of different genres and they said they like One Direction too, Josh is even a Directioner. George said he isn't but he likes them as a person. They're also friends with The Wanted and I know you'd expect me to hate The Wanted because they had a fight with 1D but before the fight I was a Wantic and a Directioner, though now I've chosen 1D's side, I like TW's songs and Nathan didn't even really compeat in the fight, he was all mature saying that they both should stop and continue with their lives. I ship Nariana because they're so cute togheter and I'm an Arianator.

I hope you guys are now JCats too if you weren't because UJ is one of the best boybands right now along with One Direction and Big Time Rush. I've liked Hollywood Ending for awhile too but they're not planning on coming to Europe and I never even hear of them anymore so I guess I just like a couple of songs and that's all. No hate, I respect if your music genres are different than mine.

Here's a link to my favourite Union J song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT6jK8MAz1s

And this is defo our Directioner Queen, if you don't know him SHAME ON YOU! Tyler Oakley ladies and gents. PLZ Subscribe to him, he rocks!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teg6qTE9Hjs

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and my post-it lyrics for Story Of My Life (Midnight Memories): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhYyL89op88


and last but not least my fanfics about George Shelley (Head In The Clouds, a George Shelley fanfic) and Harry Styles (Strong, Harry E. Styles): http://www.wattpad.com/user/GeorgesHugs

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See you agian tomorrow (hopefully, I'll try to write everyday but I'm in my last year of Secondary School so I must study hard for my finals)



One Direction

Hey everyone,

so Midnight Memories is out since last monday. It leaked on monday the 18th of November but I've bought it now too so it doesn't really matter. I like all the tracks except Alive and Little Black Dress. I was thinking last saturday when I watched 1D Day Live on Youtube, that they already excist for three years now. Cheers lads, I'm so proud of you! My favourites are Liam and Louis but I love them all to bits. I've been a fan of them since late 2011 when I was watching a Youtube video and next to that video was a ''link'' to the WMYB video so I watched it and thought ''OMG those guys are so cute and the song is really nice'' and then I started reading about them and watching more videos, in the beginning I didn't have enough money but in January 2012 I bought their debut album and it was and still is amazing. Since then I'm a dedicated directioner.

It was too late for me to see them in Amsterdam on the 5th of December 2011 so when they announced the Take Me Home concert last year I really wanted to go but didn't have a way to transport myself because Amsterdam is at the end of the world for me (3 hour drive) so I was very disappointed. The gigs in Germany we're too far too. I was again very happy when they anounced the Where We Are stadium tour. I heard they were also coming to Duesseldorf so I asked my parents if that was close enough for them to let me go and it was! We had to get up really early like 7 AM in the morning (GMT+1) and had to waiting in a ''queue'' but after 20 minutes or so we could finally order the tickets and now I am actually going! AAAAAAAH! SO EXCITED.

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked writing it. I love to share my Directioner life with other Directioners.

See you at my next post,